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5 PFRPG Adventures Ripe For A Tangible Tavern

If you aren't familiar with our Tangible Taverns line, this series of PDFs is dedicated to bringing life back to the local watering hole while making the GM's job a little easier. We help you bring the tavern to life with: Detailed descriptions Rumour and event tables Tavern maps Colourful and unique NPCs Complete stat blocks … Continue reading 5 PFRPG Adventures Ripe For A Tangible Tavern

5 Thoughts on Volo’s Guide to Monsters

Monster Ecologies are a Good Thing. Somewhere along the way, D&D monster stat blocks got so big, there often wasn't room for much more than a perfunctory few sentences describing said beasts and their habitats. As a GM, I hate this. It divorces the creatures from their worlds, making them just another sack of hit points to be eliminated and looted. The Fifth Edition Monster Manual took a step in the right direction, giving more description for creatures than the last two editions, but I wanted more still...

Freebie Friday: 5e NPC – Deloris Franz (Part Two)

Last week we gave you sneak peek at Deloris Franz, an antogonist from 5e NPCs: Bullies and Brutes.  We know detailed histories and motivations are awesome, but since Deloris is intended to be used in an RPG, stat blocks are handy too, right? That's why this week we bring you her complete stat block.  If you are … Continue reading Freebie Friday: 5e NPC – Deloris Franz (Part Two)