It can be hard for a GM to come up with something new, to feel inspired, every time his group sits down for a game session, and sitting down at a desk to write a new RPG product is possibly even more difficult. Accessing various resources should never be underestimated, and photos are a fantastic way to add a little flair or inspiration to your game or writing session.

Last year I shared five inspirational doors, and I started the year off with five more.  There are loads of photos out there than can provide a dose of much needed inspiration for the GM though. Without further ado, here are 5 fun photo finds:

  1. bundy-williams-5fc74435af23e2ceb27b77b4d371f6ffI recently stumbled on a post titled “17 stunning photos of black Victorians show how history really looked.” The pictures were amazing on their own, but each one also had a little blurb about the subject and when the photo was likely taken. Depending on the campaign you are running, these photos can easily inspire whole NPCs.

  2. stone-house-portugalIf you are looking for something more architectural, check out “50 most amazing buildings of the world.” Some are super modern looking, perfect for futuristic settings, while others are classic fantasy (hello stone house!).

  3. aye-aye-1For 25 creatures ripe for monster creation (or reskinning from something out of a bestiary) look no further than this post titled “25 Unreal Animals You Won’t Believe Exist.”  Just check out the aye – aye on page 4 (seen here).  Can’t you feel it calling to you? And the star-nosed mole? Yikes!

  4. waterAn overlooked cause of death in RPGs is water.  (Hands up if you put ranks in the swim skill.) Whether your PC can handle a swim or not, the pictures and accompanying information in “10 Bodies of Water That Want You Dead” is bound to inspire at least a mention in a game session.  Again, regardless of what genre of campaign you are running (or writing) these are worth a look. Post-apocalyptic, fantasy, modern… water is everywhere (and if it isn’t, that’s a story too).  Adapt them, modify them, and let the water flow where it may.

  5. national-geographicAh, weather.  Never underestimate how much weather can affect the PCs.  For this we look to National Geographic.  From heavy rains or snow to eerily coloured skies or stunning rainbows, check out these incredible photos and let the environment play a big factor in your next game session.


Are there any photos you have seen that inspired a game session? A whole campaign? Or even just an NPCs? Share in the comments below!


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